Terms & Conditons


For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions of attendance:
"MAIN FEST" means the 2016 Made in Nigeria Festival.
"organizer" means Main Management & promotions Limited.
"Attendee" means an individual, whether part of a group or otherwise, by whom, or on behalf of whom a booking has been made which has been confirmed by the Organizer and the Registration Fee paid in full (including VAT) to the organizer and who is entitled to attend The 2016 MAIN FEST.
"Registration Fee" means all monies owing to the Organizer, the payment of which entitles an individual to attend The 2016 MAIN FEST.
"Substitution" means any circumstance where an Attendee who has paid in full is unable to attend The 2016 MAIN FEST and arranges for another individual to attend The 2016 MAIN FEST in their place, in agreement with the Organiser.

1. By registering for and/or attending The 2016 MAIN FEST, all Attendees agree to be bound by, and comply with, these Terms and Conditions. It is the Attendee's responsibility to read and understand these Terms and Conditions. In order to attend The 2016 MAIN FEST as a Attendee, participants must pay in full or have paid in full on their behalf the Registration Fee immediately on booking or by the Due Date (see 7 below).
2. The Registration Fee entitles each Attendee to one place at The 2016 MAIN FEST Event. All Registration Fees must be paid in NGR Naira (N)
3. The Registration Fee does not include any travel costs, or any costs of accommodation. The Registration Fee relates solely to attendance at The 2016 MAIN FEST.
4. An Attendee's place at The 2016 MAIN FEST will be confirmed by the organizer once the completed booking is received by the organizer. Confirmation by the organizer of the Attendee place at The 2016 MAIN FEST forms a binding commitment for payment of the full Registration fees by the Attendee.
5. Attendee places at The 2016 MAIN FEST are limited. Places are subject to availability.
6. Cancellations made more than 120 days prior to the 2016 MAIN FEST event will be refunded [less an administration charge of 40% of the total Registration Fees]. Cancellations received less than 120 days prior to the 2016 MAIN FEST event cannot be accepted and no refunds will be made.
7. Substitutions can be requested by giving written notice to the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to accept or deny a request for Substitution.
8. The organizer reserves the right to cancel your Attendee place at any time and for whatever reason (including without limitation cancellation of The 2016 MAIN FEST) on repayment of the lesser of the Registration Fee, or if the Registration Fee has not been paid in full, the amount actually received by the organizer; and this repayment shall be in full and final settlement of any claims against the organizer by you relating to your Attendee place at The 2016 MAIN FEST.
9. In the event of fire, flood or without limit other causes that the organizer reasonably believes to be substantial or that are beyond the Organizer's control, the organizer reserves the right to change the times, dates and the venues of The 2016 MAIN FEST, without incurring any liability to you.
10. The organizer reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to amend or cancel sessions or events at any time.
11. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of the federal republic of Nigeria and each party irrevocably agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Nigerian courts.
12. These Terms and Conditions, together with the registration form, constitute the entire agreement of the parties. In entering into this agreement, the parties have not relied on, and shall have no remedy in respect of, any statement, representation, warranty, understanding, promise or assurance (whether negligently or innocently made) of any person other than as expressly set out in this agreement. Each Attendee shall be deemed to have full knowledge of the Terms and Conditions and shall be bound by them in all respects.
13. To the full extent allowed by law and insofar as it is reasonable to do so, the Attendee agrees not to hold the organizer liable for any damage or loss suffered or incurred by the Attendee during the course of The 2016 MAIN FEST, including consequential (i.e. losses which are not incurred as a direct consequence of the event leading to any claim) or indirect losses or loss of profit, through registering for The 2016 MAIN FEST, attending The 2016 MAIN FEST, alteration of The 2016 MAIN FEST schedule, cancellation of The 2016 MAIN FEST, or any error or omission on the part of the organizer.
14. The Attendee by accepting these Terms and Conditions hereby indemnifies the organizer and its servants and agents against and hold it harmless from all or any loss or damage, injury, actions, proceedings or claims arising from any act or omission of the Attendee during the course of The 2016 MAIN FEST.
15. Attendees are responsible for taking appropriate insurance cover in connection with their attendance at The 2016 MAIN FEST. Where the Attendee is travelling from outside of Nigeria to attend The 2016 MAIN FEST, appropriate travel insurance should be purchased independently and in advance of any travel or travel bookings.
16. Data Protection: In completing and submitting the registration form, Attendees agree (or it is agreed by the booker on their behalf) that the organizer may periodically contact Attendees with details of events and services that may be of interest to them.
17. Attendee Code of Conduct:

1. It is the intent of the Made In Nigeria Festival to provide an environment in which all visitors can experience a sense of safety, belonging, and respect. In order to maintain this atmosphere, the following behaviors are strictly prohibited:
2. Possession of weapons
3. being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
4. use of tobacco products outside designated areas
5. fighting
6. possession of alcohol or illegal drugs
7. vulgar/abusive language
8. destruction/misuse of property
9. abusive/harassing behavior
10. Attendees who choose not to meet these expectations will be held accountable for their behavior. Our response to inappropriate behavior may include verbal warnings, expulsion from the facility, and when warranted, contact with law enforcement agencies.

18. The organizer may also pass their names and contact details on to other organizations within the Organizer's group or other third parties such as sponsors.
19. If Attendees do not wish to be contacted for any of the purposes outlined in clause 17 above, please contact info@mainfestival.com
20. In the event of inappropriate behavior by any Attendee in the view of the Organiser or The. 2016 MAIN FEST venue operator, the Attendee may be refused entry to or asked to leave and excluded from The 2016 MAIN FEST without refund or compensation.
21. Attendees may be asked to undergo reasonable security searches at The 2016 MAIN FEST venue.
22. Photograph and Likeness Release: Photographs will be taken at this event. These photos may be used in future MAIN Festival publications, on the MAIN FEST website or in other materials and platforms. By attending the 2016 MAIN Festival, you agree to allow MAIN Festival to use your image in any manner at its sole discretion.



For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions of attendance:"MAIN FEST" means the 2016 Made in Nigeria Festival.
"Organizer" means Main Management & promotions Limited.
2. The exhibition location, dates and opening hours will be indicated in the conference program. ORGANIZER reserves the right to make changes regarding the dates, times and location if deemed necessary. The exhibitor will be notified of such changes immediately.
3. Application for exhibition space must be made on the official application form as soon as possible at the latest by --------------. ORGANIZER will make an effort to comply with requests and maximize visitor traffic for all exhibitors. Exhibitor agrees to accept relocation if it becomes necessary or advisable. The decision whether relocation is necessary or advisable lies in the sole discretion of ORGANIZER.
4. The signed application form has to be sent to ORGANIZER via mail or fax or uploaded on the website as part of the application process. The booking becomes binding once a confirmation and an invoice concerning the rental cost of the booth/stand have been sent to the exhibitor. Invoices are payable within 30 days. When making the transfer, the invoice number and exhibitor's name must be indicated on the transfer form. All outstanding debts owed to the ORGANIZER must be paid prior to participation in the exhibition. If such debts remain unpaid at the time of the exhibition, ORGANIZER reserves the right to exclude the exhibitor from the exhibition.
5. All cancellations must be made in writing and have to be confirmed by ORGANIZER. On cancellations received before ------------all payments, less a service charge of 50 % of the total cost, will be returned to the exhibitor. After this date, no refunds will be given.
6. Installation and dismantling of the booth/stand may only be allowed during the specified times: Installation: ----------- The absolute maximum height of a booth/stand is -------. Technical services are exclusively provided by the ORGANIZER.
7. No exhibiting company shall assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of the contracted stand/booth space allocated to them without the knowledge and written consent of ORGANIZER.
8. The exhibitor agrees to abide by all of ORGANIZER's rules and regulations, including but not limited to, rules of the conference/exhibition facility and fire and safety regulations. ORGANIZER reserves the right to deny participation in its programs and activities to individuals and organizations that violate its rules or whose participation, in ORGANIZER's sole discretion is deemed detrimental to the interests and purposes of ORGANIZER.
9. One person per booth or stand is permitted to attend the MAIN summit free of charge. The exhibitor must indicate the full name of this person on the Application Form for Exhibitors. Once the application form is submitted to ORGANIZER, the specified person will be registered for free admission to the conference. Free admission to the conference is limited to the specified person and is non-transferable. For any subsequent changes in the specified person's name the exhibitor has to pay an administration fee of -----. For additional booth staff the regular registration fee for the full conference has to be paid.
10. Distribution of promotional material shall be limited to the exhibitor's stand/booth. ORGANIZER reserves the right to prohibit marketing activities or distribution of promotional material it considers inappropriate.
11. All materials and furniture are rented to the exhibitors only for the duration of the conference/ exhibition. In case of damage of any rented objects, the ORGANIZER reserve the right to charge the exhibitor for the subsequent replacement or cleaning.
12. Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ORGANIZER and its respective agents, servants, and employees from any loss, damage, liability, costs, attorney's fees, or other of whatsoever nature arising from exhibitor's participation in the event, including but not limited to claims due to the injury, damage or loss to exhibitor's displays, equipment and other property brought upon the premises of the exhibition facility, except for claims solely resulting from the gross negligence of ORGANIZER and/or the exhibition facility.
15. Exhibitor accepts Nigeria as the place of jurisdiction for any disputes that may arise out of this contract. Nigerian law shall be applicable exclusively.
16. ORGANIZER reserves the right to modify or supplement these terms and conditions if necessary to ensure the implementation and success of the exhibition.


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