The MaIN Idea

The "Made-In-Nigeria (MaIN) Idea" is a private sector-driven initiative that seeks to create a platform for the maximum expression of the true Nigerian spirit; the spirit of enterprise and industry; of commerce and community; of tenacity and resilience and; of creative ingenuity for the development of our great nation.

Our Objective is to enhance innovation and creativity, promote a "buy-Nigeria" culture, stimulate key growth sectors, create jobs as well as facilitate trade and investment across 5 key sectors. These sectors include Power & Infrastructure, Agriculture, Technology, Manufacturing and Sports & Entertainment.

More than just the much abused "Made in Nigeria" aphorism, this initiative seeks to renew the social contract between government and the private sector, and at the same time, drive the establishment of a new order.

In this new order, every Nigerian has a role to play and a responsibility to reignite our economy and improve the quality of Made-In Nigeria products and services.

These roles have been outlined in the "MaIN Agenda", a concrete action proposal that details urgent interventions in each of the 5 key growth sectors identified.

The MaIN Agenda

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